What We Do

Our harm minimisation approach focuses on three main priority population groups. These are: community, parents/families and young people.

Funding provided by LDAG Inc. supports and resources hundreds of programs, projects and activities held every year by our branches. With creativity and innovation, Local Drug Action Group branch activities aim to;

  • Provide factual information regarding alcohol and other drugs from a health and social perspective
  • Deliver prevention focused activities
  • Monitor and respond to local issues and trends regarding health and social aspects of alcohol and other drug related harms

LDAG Inc. is responsible for the management and ongoing development for the network of active community-based LDAG branches throughout Western Australia.

LDAG Inc. Executive Office provides both resources and opportunities to facilitate and sustain participation in the LDAG branches by offering and responding to requests for particular training and facilitating access to grants, health education materials and health promotion activities.

LDAG Inc. is responsible for negotiating service agreements and insurance (including public liability insurance for branches), managing the organisation which includes financial accountability, monitoring activity, responding to the needs of the collective membership, planning and the ongoing development of the organisation.

Local Drug Action Groups use the fundamental concepts of ‘community development’ by using a ‘grass-roots’, bottom up approach designed to generate community-action activities. LDAG Inc. sits between the WA Mental Health Commission (Government) and community as part of the range of connected services that aim to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug related harm within local communities. The model is unique within ‘service-provision’ organisations but fits within the natural process of community-action.

This innovative program involves and empowers the community to take action to tackle drug related issues in ways that are relevant and appropriate for those communities. The key-process is carried out by our hundreds of community based volunteers who understand community-action is the only sustainable method of bringing about sustainable change in communities. Being a member of a Local Drug Action Group provides the opportunity for community members to participate actively and positively in response to their concerns around drug issues and the will to make a difference and allows volunteers to invest in the future health and safety of the whole community.