Events Showcase

With over 50 Local Drug Action Groups (LDAGs) across Western Australia there are many events held to increase the awareness of the harms of alcohol and other drugs.

Margaret River LDAG – Above the Influence

Be Above the Influence. Have that state of mind. Life is about being yourself and not letting a negative influence get to you. Pressure to drink, do drugs or do anything that goes against who you are in order to fit in is a negative influence. If you’re one of the teens who want to stay above it, then you have come to the right spot.

YARN LDAG – Represent to Prevent Youth Homelessness 2018

This event targeted at-risk and disengaged youth that are homeless around the Metro area to tie in with Homelessness Prevention Week.

They had multiple services at their event that worked together to support the youth, some we’re able to provide referral and there was many activities for the young people to engage with including a standard drinks activity!

Their aim was to increase the community’s awareness of the issues young people face around alcohol and other drugs and increase young people’s knowledge & confidence to access support services in times of need.

YARN SR Event Poster

Rockingham Kwinana LDAG – Freakfest

GDF-Suez Mitsui Kwinana FreakFest

Mundaring LDAG – About YOUth Health Expo

This event was targeted at Year 10 Students throughout the Perth Hills region. Through teaching the students about keeping themselves physically, emotionally and sexually safe it enables them to make informed positive choices in their lives.

Moora LDAG – Youth Resiliency Expo 2018

This event was held for the students in the Moora and surrounding towns. The expo was held to help improve their understanding of resilience skills so they can make better choices around alcohol and drugs and lifestyle.

Below is a photo of some of our wonderful volunteers that helped make the day a great success along with Kat and Di from the LDAG Inc. Office.

23.7.18 -Moora Resiliency

Brookton/Pingelly LDAG – Best Day Out

The Brookton/Pingelly LDAG has been running this annual event for the last 10 years. Through creating a fun, enjoyable environment they hope to take the opportunity to educate attendees about the harms of alcohol and other drugs.

Mundaring LDAG – Worn Out Worn Art (WOWA)

Bringing people together to create wearable art whilst exploring topics to encourage a healthy community.