Our Volunteers


Local Drug Action Groups is all about volunteerism. In excess of 800 community members who regularly volunteer their time to implement programs and activities at a local level. The generosity and endeavour of these volunteers is a major community investment of time and expertise, which equates to a significant financial ‘unpaid’ resource. Geographically the groups span from as far north as Kununurra to Esperance in the south.

volunteer2The membership of the groups comprises local community members including young people, parents, health services, local business, and representatives from local government, local businesses, service groups such as Lions and Rotary, and government and professional representatives from schools, Community Drug Service Teams, Family and Children Services and police services. 

Each Local Drug Action Group is responsible for recruiting and selecting volunteers for their local group. The only requirement needed to join a LDAG is a commitment and passion towards community and alcohol and other drug issues. The executive office provides each group with support and ideas on the best ways to recruit new members, however groups have proved to be self sufficient in this area and maintain a high standard in the recruitment process. It is important to note that community ownership and drive is the cornerstone and philosophy behind our organisation, this drive provides LDAG branches with the highest respect within their communities. 

Local Drug Action Groups Inc. provides public liability & volunteer accident insurance for all of our volunteers and participants in activities and events. 

volunteer3Local Drug Action Groups Inc. also provides members with a number of opportunities to take part in training and information seminars (including project planning & risk management) that promote and support healthy and safe environments. 

We recognise our responsibility to our volunteers to ensure that they have access to practical and relevant training which enables them to be effective at the coalface. The 
STRIVE Program is our long term commitment to ensuring the LDAG membership continues to feel confident & proactive in their response to alcohol and other drug issues in their community.