Honorary Members

LDAG Inc. sees its volunteers as an invaluable resource. Our Honorary Life Members have made a significant contribution to the LDAG Inc. initiative. With much appreciation and deep regard we celebrate you.


Pictured Above (Left to Right): Andrea Mitchell MP, Jeni Henderson, Katherine Joyce, Raelene Stevens, Lorraine Dunking, Gary Henderson, Rose Power, Howard Shepherd, Carmel Seaman, Geoff Hill and Susan Owen.

20 Years & Over

  • Howard Shepherd
  • Lorraine Dunkling

15 Years & Over

  • James Richardson
  • Kevin Trent
  • Heather Dixon
  • Rosalind Davis
  • Gary Henderson
  • Jeni Henderson
  • Rose Power
  • Marian Hearne

10 Years & Over

  • Raelene Stevens
  • Carmel Seaman
  • Susan Owen
  • Geoff Hill